Brief information about the Bekasi

Bekasi (Indonesian pronunciation: [ˈbɛkasi]) is a town in West Java, Indonesia, located on the eastern border of Jakarta. It functions as a commuter town inside the Jakarta area, although it has notable processing, business and commerce businesses.

Bekasi Regency borders the town into the east west and the north, Bogor Regency and Depok into the south , and East Jakarta into the west.

It is Indonesia populous satellite town and among the most populous globally, but still trails the likes of Yokohama and Incheon. Bekasi has a history of being the capital city of the Kingdom of Tarumanagara and is among the oldest cities in Indonesia.

At that time, the title of Bekasi was Dayeuh Sundasembawa. The evidence of its existence dates from the 5th century based on the Tugu inscription. Bekasi was a part of Batavia residency. As a dormitory town satellite places have been developed in Bekasi, complete with their own shopping malls, hospitals, schools, club homes, water park, and shuttle bus services to Jakarta.

The high number of multinational companies, has apparently attracted a great deal of expatriates (mostly Japanese and Korean) to repay in Bekasi.