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Hotel Reservations

Simple Travel Search lets you find places to stay around the world. It only takes one minute to book with us. You can do it through the website, over the phone, as well as by using your tablet PC or mobile device.

When booking with Simple Travel Search, you can be sure that you are never overpaying. Indeed, thanks to our mutually beneficial cooperation with hotels, we can sometimes offer prices that are even lower than on the official hotel websites.

We care about our customers and offer several different options to pay for your booking. You can do it through the website or at the hotel. At the time of booking, you are free to choose between paying in full or just paying a deposit.

What's more, you can make a reservation without a credit card. Just enter the requested information about the guests, dates of stay, your preferences, and receive a voucher. This assures you a confirmed reservation without any deposit. With this voucher, you pay for the room at the hotel upon arrival. This option is very convenient if your trip is during the peak season but you aren't able to pay in advance. Moreover, this option lets you avoid binding your credit card details to the planned trip.

It's also worth mentioning that we offer favorable cancellation terms for certain hotels and rooms. If your trip is unexpectedly canceled, you won't suffer a loss.

By choosing Simple Travel Search, you can be sure of a great choice of hotels, apartments, and hostels across the globe. We offer more than 1300000 deals for booking accommodation even in the most distant and exotic destinations. You can book a room in London, United Kingdom, or another popular European or US city and get excellent value for your money or you can find a secluded bungalow on an exotic island in the Pacific Ocean and go there. Simple Travel Search offers its customers complete freedom.

Simple Travel Search cares about every customer and adds reward points to their account for each booking. You can spend these points later. For more information about this and other promotions or to get immediate assistance with any questions, or to get help booking a room or checking in, contact our 24/7 Customer Service team.

Simple Travel Search offers affordable and favorable booking options worldwide, commission-free.