Johor Bahru

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Johor Bahru Johor Bahru (Malaysian pronunciation: [ˈdʒohor ˈbahru]) is the capital of the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is located along the Straits of Johor at the southern end of Peninsular Malaysia. The city has a population of.

Johor Bahru is adjacent to the city of Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia 's third largest metropolitan agglomeration, Iskandar Malaysia being anchored by both . Johor Bahru was founded in 1855.

The region was renamed "Johore Bahru" in 1862 and became the capital of the Sultanate when the Sultanate government center was moved there from Telok Blangah.During the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar, there were development and modernisation within the city; with the building of administrative buildings, schools, religious buildings, and railways connecting to Woodlands in Singapore.

Johor Bahru was inhabited by the Japanese forces from 1942 to 1945. Johor Bahru became the cradle of Malay nationalism after the war and gave birth to a political party called United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in 1946. As the state capital, Johor Bahru retained its status Following the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and was granted city status in 1994.

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