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Few Words About Australia

Australia is horizons as well as a land of beauty, adventure that is enormous. There are good reasons why the country finds itself touted among the travel getaways; it's personality landscapes to perish in spades, than its fair share of sun. And if beaches, rainforest and outback aren't your thing its cities are excellent destinations in their own right.

In many ways the country breeds extremes. The fiery setting of Sydney Harbour's champagne glitz and the Aussie Rules match in Melbourne belong to a different world compared to the quiet expanse of the Red Centre along with the coastlines of the west.

Similarly, 40,000 years of Aboriginal culture occasionally appear a supernatural bedfellow for its famed"no worries mate" BBQ-lifestyle of contemporary times. The amount of Australia's contrasts make it when taken as a whole, however.

Knowing where to go is the toughest part. Together with the shore and Sydney being a popular choice there are paths. When you are faced with a state of the size, But itineraries are numberless. Uluru? Kakadu? Hobart? The Kimberley? A fair point increased.

There are iconic Aussie clichés from the barrel-load (from bamboo hats to barbecues, koalas into crocodiles, and cricketers to bush tucker) but the real beauty of the place can be found in the stuff you are not expecting; the open open street that unfurls to show verdant slopes; the cold beer with an outback pub that ends in an evening-long session; the ramble to the coast that throws a street market, open-air concert and implausibly beautiful sunset.

A trip was synonymous with mining escape and experience -- a picture that's unlikely to change.

Facts about the Australia

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/Km²)

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Canberra - the capital of Australia

July 18, 2024

Languages of Australia
  • English 76.8%
  • Mandarin 1.6%
  • Italian 1.4%
  • Arabic 1.3%
  • Greek 1.2%
  • Cantonese 1.2%
  • Vietnamese 1.1%
  • other 10.4%
  • unspecified 5% (2011 est.)
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Biggest Cities Australia


Population: 4,627,345


Population: 4,246,375


Population: 2,189,878


Population: 1,896,548


Population: 1,225,235

Gold Coast

Population: 591,473