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Few Words About Armenia

Armenia is big on character, although it might be a small nation. Its century history was troubled and with neighbouring Turkey connections continue to be fractious to place it even though a visit to the nation now is more likely to be dominated by its treasures in comparison to its past.

The welcome is anything less than the countryside itself is often breathtakingly lovely -- and heat -- and accompanied by brandy. Tourist numbers are low, however you'll end up wondering why.

This is a nation with historical legacy that is serious. Armenia is changing -- although religion still will play a role from the monasteries that stud the Lori region in the Museum of Historical Manuscripts to the bibles.

While moving on the nation has re-embraced its habits. Loomed over on days by Mount Ararat across the boundary, it is thought of the nation and the hub of cultural activity, utilizing plenty and a lively arts arena of large-scale redevelopment.

But the passions which underpin life, chess to cognac, from patriotism to religion, aren't the kind which cost tens of thousands. Cafe civilization was perfected and it's de rigueur to devote inordinate amounts of time within a dialog. Armenian food is another treat -- anticipate mounds of vegetables and meats straight from the backyard that's closest.

Exploration anywhere in Armenia is likely to reap rewards, although around the nation, journey highlights include the mountain payoff of Dilijan and the charming small town of Goris.

Facts about the Armenia

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/KmĀ²)

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Yerevan - the capital of Armenia

July 17, 2024

Languages of Armenia
  • Armenian (official) 97.9%
  • Kurdish (spoken by Yezidi minority) 1%
  • other 1% (2011 est.)
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Population: 1,093,485


Population: 148,381


Population: 101,098


Population: 49,513


Population: 40,795


Population: 35,673