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Few Words About Algeria

For the intrepid traveller, experience awaits in Algeria. Everything is included by A beguiling blend of landscapes, customs and cultures, this chunk of property into the Sahara Desert from cities and fishing ports and the drama of Hoggar Mountains.

Sometimes called'Algiers the White,' the capital's showpiece is its own UNESCO-listed Casbah. This whitewashed medina encircles both crumbling ruins and newly-renovated spaces and is well worth a visit despite its own shady reputation (carrying out a manual is recommended).

The town has long been a trading place that's popular and is still one of the busiest ports in North Africa.

The Sahara Desert is one of Algeria feature along with its main drawing cards. It is the source of legends and legends and covers more than four-fifths of the nation. Nomadic Berbers still dwell here, eking lives in problems that are tough out.

The desert is home to the world movie festival. FiSahara occurs from the Wilaya of Dakhla to underline the plight of the Sahrawi Men and Women.

War and politics have discouraged many from seeing Algeria -- rerouting them Morocco instead -- but this nation has much to offer if you are trying to locate a destination with a difference.

Facts about the Algeria

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






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Algiers - the capital of Algeria

July 24, 2024

Languages of Algeria
  • Arabic (official)
  • French (lingua franca)
  • Berber dialects: Kabylie Berber (Tamazight)
  • Chaouia Berber (Tachawit)
  • Mzab Berber
  • Tuareg Berber (Tamahaq)
Flag of Algeria

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Population: 1,977,663


Population: 786,499


Population: 645,984


Population: 634,332


Population: 450,097


Population: 307,987