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Brief information about the Biskra

In 2007, its population was listed as 307,987.

It is nicknamed "The Queen of this Zibans", "The Door of the Desert" or "The Saharan Nice" because of its location at the beginning of the Sahara Desert. As a result of its geographical location, its climate and natural resources, particularly farming, Biskra has been a hub and a crossroad between the cities at the south and north.

It's seen the passage of several civilizations, from the Romans and the Arabs into the French. In 1844, Biskra became a Garrison. The town was the scene of fighting at the rebellions of 1871 and 1849, and was used as a post. From 1935, Biskra was the principal payoff of a Saharan oasis watered from the occasional Oued Biskra.

Presently Biskra's city has 28 neighborhoods, including the three principal neighborhoods of, Korra, Equipment Zones, and City 60 Logements. It is in the southern part of this Algerian railway system, along with a favorite resort.