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Few Words About Albania

Beaches, hot weather history, magnificent mountain scenery and bargain costs; it seems like an impossible wishlist for a destination that is European. Nevertheless Albania fulfils these criteria and more. Over the past quarter of a century, that Balkan property has emerged from its austere communist cocoon and travellers have been taking note.

Tirana, the capital, is a place. Its apartment blocks are enlivened in most areas of the city shoulder-to-shoulder, also with licks of paint that is brash stays with architecture and Ottoman. It's exceptionally alive, though disorderly and haphazard, with the constant whir of voices of visitors and cacophony.

Leading down to the Greek boundary is Albania's biggest asset: the Adriatic shore (called the"Albanian Riviera"). It would be disingenuous to call it undiscovered; the beaches here draw salvation audiences throughout August and July. These stretches are fresh one to tourists - and also of the best in the Med. If you're able to tear yourself there are also fires of background. Of particular note and also the now domed bunkers follies.

Hiking trails weave among those lunar where rural villages provide a visitors that are warm up. Together with pothole-strewn roads unreliable and unpaved bus avenues getting to the country's interior could possibly be an adventure in itself. But whenever the logistics of travel prove taxing, there is always the carrot of tasty wine lovingly-prepared meals and sailors to spur you.

With its winning mix of beaches history and prices, Albania charms have been shouted from the rooftops.

Facts about the Albania

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/Km²)

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Tirana - the capital of Albania

July 24, 2024

Languages of Albania
  • Albanian 98.8% (official - derived from Tosk dialect)
  • Greek 0.5%
  • other 0.6% (including Macedonian
  • Roma
  • Vlach
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • and Serbo-Croatian)
  • unspecified 0.1% (2011 est.)
Flag of Albania

Biggest Cities Albania


Population: 374,801


Population: 122,034


Population: 100,903


Population: 89,546


Population: 88,245


Population: 60,995