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Durrës Durrës (Albanian pronunciation: [ˈdu:rəs]) is the second most populous city in the Republic of Albania. The city is the capital of the encompassing Durrës County, among 12 counties of the nation.

Located on the Adriatic Sea, it is the nation centre. The city was founded by ancient Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth around the 7th century BC on the shore of the Illyrian Taulantii under the name of Epidamnos.

Later known as Dyrrachium, since it became an essential part of the Roman Empire and its successor the Byzantine Empire, it basically developed to become important. The Via Egnatia, the continuation of the Via Appia, led to Constantinople across the interior of the Balkan Peninsula in the east and began in town.

From the Middle Ages, it had been contested between Bulgarian, Venetian and Ottoman dominions. For a Brief period of time, the city served as the capital of the Principality of Albania following the Declaration of Independence. Afterward, it had been annexed by the Kingdom of Italy and Nazi Germany in the interwar period.

The city underwent a strong expansion during Communism in Albania in financial action and its demography. Durrës is served by the Port of Durrës, among the largest on the Adriatic Sea, which connects the city to Italy and other neighboring countries.

Its attraction is Durrës' Amphitheatre that is contained on Albania's list for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the largest amphitheatre in the Balkan Peninsula After having a capacity for 20,000 individuals.

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