Brief information about the Kitwe

Kitwe Kitwe is the third largest city in terms of infrastructure development and second largest city in terms of size and population in Zambia. With a population of 522,092 (2010 census provisional) Kitwe is one of the most developed commercial and industrial areas in the nation, alongside Ndola and Lusaka.

It has a complex of mines on its north-western and western edges.Kitwe is made up of townships and suburban areas including Parklands, Riverside, Buchi, Chimwemwe, Kwacha, Nkana East, Nkana West, Garneton, Ndeke, Miseshi, Wusakile, Mindolo, Chachacha and Race Course, to mention a few.

The city is sometimes referred to as Kitwe-Nkana. Kitwe has both private and public schools which include Lechwe School, Mpelembe Secondary School, Kitwe Boys Secondary School, Parklands Secondary School, Mukuba Secondary School, Nkana Trust School and Helen Kaunda Secondary School.

It is also home to Zambia's second highest learning institution The Copperbelt University.

Kitwe Attractions