Maiden's Tower

Maiden's Tower Image

Maiden's Tower Map of Constantinople (1422) by Florentine cartographer Cristoforo Buondelmonti, showing Pera at the north of the Golden Horn, Constantinople at south, and the Maiden's Tower at right, in the middle of the sea, near the coast of Üsküdar on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

Maiden's Tower at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus, with the Seraglio Point in the background. Maiden's Tower and the Seraglio Point Maiden's Tower on the reverse of the 10 lira banknote (1966–1981) The Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi), also known as Leander's Tower (Tower of Leandros) since the medieval Byzantine period, is a tower lying on a small islet located at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus strait 200 m (220 yd) from the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul, Turkey.