Brief information about the Khŭjand

Khujand Khujand (Tajik: Хуҷанд, romanized: Xujand; Uzbek: Xo‘jand/Хўжанд; Persian: خجند‌‎, romanized: Xojand), sometimes spelled Khodjent and known as Leninabad (Tajik: Ленинобод, romanized: Leninobod; Persian: لنین‌آباد‌‎, romanized: Leninâbâd) in 1936–1991, is the second-largest city of Tajikistan and the capital of the northernmost province of Tajikistan, now called Sughd.

Khujand is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, dating back about 2,500 years. It is situated on the Syr Darya at the mouth of the Fergana Valley and was a major city along the ancient Silk Road, mainly inhabited by ethnic Tajiks. It is close to both the Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan borders.