Brief information about the Moengo

Moengo (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmuŋ.ɡo]) is a town in Suriname, located in the Marowijne district, between Paramaribo and the border town Albina. Moengo can also be a resort (municipality) in the area of Marowijne. Alcoa bauxite mine in Suriname was located in Moengo.

In former times it was a major center for storage and the mining of bauxite. The Moengo Airstrip is one of the oldest airports in Suriname, in use since August 1953, when the Piper Cub (PZ-NAC) of Kappel-van Eyck named "Colibri" acquired there from Zorg en Hoop Airport.

Moengo Attractions