Brief information about the Kenema

Kenema Downtown Kenema is the third largest city in Sierra Leone (Later Freetown and Bo), and the largest city in the Nation 's Eastern Province. It's a major economic centre of the Eastern Province along with Kenema District's funding.

Kenema is roughly 300 kilometres (185 mi) southeast of Freetown and about 60 kilometres (40 mi) south of Bo. Kenema is among Sierre Leone's most diverse cities. Its most widely spoken language is Krio. Among the six municipalities of Sierra Leone , Kenema is governed by a town council, headed by a mayor who is accountable for the city management, and in whom the executive authority is vested.

The mayor and council members are elected every four decades. Kenema's current mayor, Thomas Karimu Baio of the Sierra Leone People's Party [2]. Karimu Baio was chosen mayor with 79.4% of the votes in the 2018 Kenema Mayoral election [3]. Kenema is an overpowering stronghold of the Sierra Leone People's Party.

As in Sierra Leone's rest, football is undoubtedly the town sport. The Kamboi Eagles, a football club located in Kenema, represents the town in the Sierra Leone National Premier League. Kenema is known as the hometown of a number of the greatest football stars of Sierra Leone , including the country athlete football star Mohamed Kallon.

Other notable Sierra Leonean international footballers from Kenema include the country's current top striker, Kei Kamara, and football celebrities Kemokai Kallon Paul Kpaka and Musa Kallon. The growth of kenema was initially encouraged by both the carpentry and logging industries, which have been linked to the city from the railway.

Ever since then, its economy has benefited in the diamond mines.

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