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Setúbal Setúbal (, additionally US:, Portuguese: [sɨˈtuβal, -βɐl]; Proto-Celtic: *Caetobrix) is a city and a municipality in Portugal. The population in 2014 has been 118,166, inhabiting a place of 230.33 km2 (88.9 sq mi). The city proper had 89,303 inhabitants in 2001.

It lies within the Lisbon area. At the days of Al-Andalus the city was known as Shaṭūbar (Andalusian Arabic: شَطُوبَر [ʃeˈtˤuːbɑr]). From the 19th century, the port was called Saint Ubes in English, also Saint-Yves in French. The holiday is 15 September, which marks the date in the year 1860 when Setúbal was recognised by King Pedro V of Portugal as a city.

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