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Few Words About New Zealand

Not only does it pack a punch as tough as an All Black deal, but it's also easy to travel around. What isn't to love?

Split into two landmasses -- the South and North Islands --New Zealand is a deceptively complicated and diverse destination that rewards and repeat visitors. The North Island is less magnificent than its counterpart, but it is home to two thirds of the nation's inhabitants. The majority of the substantial centers are here, such as Auckland, Wellington's dynamic city, along with the capital. But personality is a player, because of thermal regions volcanoes in addition to the magnificent Bay of Islands.

The South Island is home to individuals that are fewer, but boasts the nation's most breathtaking scenery. Dramatic beaches glaciers, fjords they are here. Christchurch, a city bouncing back from earthquake damage with creativity, is here.

New Zealand has become one of the most populous and most cleanest states. What else? There's a cultural resurgence that's seeing local films, art and literature gaining a growing quantity of wildlife, wine and attention.

A mixture of Maori and European civilization, coupled with landscapes, supplies. 

Facts about the New Zealand

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/Km²)

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Wellington - the capital of New Zealand

January 24, 2022

Languages of New Zealand
  • English (de facto official) 89.8%
  • Maori (de jure official) 3.5%
  • Samoan 2%
  • Hindi 1.6%
  • French 1.2%
  • Northern Chinese 1.2%
  • Yue 1%
  • Other or not stated 20.5%
  • New Zealand Sign Language (de jure official)
Flag of New Zealand

Biggest Cities New Zealand


Population: 417,910


Population: 381,900


Population: 363,926

Manukau City

Population: 362,000


Population: 208,100

North Shore

Population: 207,865