Brief information about the Nampula

Nampula Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in northeastern Mozambique. Also known as "The Capital of the North", Nampula is the centre of business in northern Mozambique. It has several western-style hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. It also has a small international airport connecting to Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa, and is a transport hub for local transport in northern Mozambique.

With a population of 743,125 (2017 census), it is the third largest city in Mozambique after Maputo and Matola. Nampula is also home to the Mozambique National Ethnographic Museum, several markets, cathedrals, mosques, universities and schools: both government and private.

The city is also fairly diverse, with the native eMakhuwa population being the largest group but with a visible Indian, European, Chinese, and Lebanese population.

Nampula Attractions