Brief information about the Bălţi

Bălți Bălți (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈbəltsʲ]; German: Belz, Polish: Bielce, Russian: Бельцы, Beltsy, Ukrainian: Бєльці, Bielci, Yiddish: בעלץ‎ Belts) is a city in Moldova. It's the second largest city in terms of population, area and economic importance, after Chișinău.

The town is one of the five Moldovan municipalities. Occasionally also known as "the northern capital", it's a major industrial, cultural and business centre and transport hub at the north of the nation. It is situated 127 kilometres (79 mi) north of the funds Chișinău, and is situated on the river Răut, a tributary of the Dniester, on a scenic landscape at the Bălți steppe.