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Ecatepec de Morelos RESULTADOS DEFINITIVOS DE LA ENCUESTA INTERCENSAL 2015 Ecatepec (Spanish: [ekateˈpek] ), after formally Ecatepec de Morelos, is a city and municipality in the State of Mexico. Both are often known simply as "Ecatepec". Together with the 2005 population of 1,687,549 of the city being 99 the city is with the municipality.

9 percent of the total population. The provisional population at the 2010 Census was 1,658,806. It's Mexico's second most populous municipality The title "Ecatepec" is derived from Nahuatl and signifies "windy hill" or "hill devoted to Ehecatl. " It was also an alternate name or invocation to Quetzalcoatl. "Morelos" is your final name of José María Morelos, a hero of the Mexican War of Independence.

The Mexico City metro subway system was expanded into Ecatepec. "San Cristóbal" (Saint Christopher) is your city's patron saint. Each year his feast day is celebrated on July 25. Points of interest include the brand new Cathedral in Sagrado Corazón p Jesús Mexico, many colonial era churches and the colonel edifice Casa de Los virreyes.

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