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Tokmok (Kyrgyz: Токмок, Tokmok ('hammer'); Russian: Токмак, Tokmak) is a town in the Chuy Valley, northern Kyrgyzstan, east of this nation 's capital of Bishkek, using a population of 53,231 in 2009. Its geographic location is 42°50′N 75°17′E; its elevation is 816 m over sea level.

It was the seat of Chuy Region. Just to the north is the border with Kazakhstan and the Chu River. Tokmok was created as a northern army outpost of the Khanate of Kokand c.1830. It dropped to the Russians who demolished the fort.

Tokmok is a unit of Chui Province. Even though the Chuy District of the province surrounds the town, it's not a portion of it.

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