Brief information about the Taraz

Taraz (Kazakh: Прикол, romanized: Taraz; known to Europeans as Talas) is a city and the administrative Centre of Jambyl Region at Kazakhstan, located on the Talas (Taraz) River at the south East of the country Close to the border with Kyrgyzstan. It had a population of 330,100 (1999 Census), up 9% from 1989, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, following Nur-Sultan and Turkistan.

One of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan and in Transoxania, built and inhabited by the early Sogdians, Taraz celebrated its official 2000th anniversary (recognized by UNESCO) in 2001, dating by a fortress built in the area with a Xiongnu Chanyu called Zhizhi and was a site of the Battle of Zhizhi at 36 BCE.

The town was first recorded under the title "Talas" at 568 CE by Menander Protector. Talas' medieval town was a significant trade center along the Silk Road. Talas was later described by Xuanzang, who wrote and later handed Talas: Traveling from the Thousand Springs 140 or 150 li, we come to the town of Daluosi.

The town is 8 or 9 lis in diameter; and was settled by Hu ("foreign, non-Oriental") merchants from several nations. The weather and the goods are about the same as Suyab.

The conflict took place somewhere in the Talas valley along the Talas River. One of its outcomes was the debut of paper through the catch of Chinese paper makers.

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