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Brief information about the Shymkent

Shymkent Shymkent (Kazakh: Shymkent, Шымкент, شىمكەنت; Yañalif: Şьmkent; Kazakh pronunciation: [ʃɯmˈkɛnt]), known until 1993 as Chimkent (Uzbek: Chimkent, Чимкент, چىمكېنت; Yañalif: Çimkent (Uzbek pronunciation: [tʃɨmˈkɛnt])); Russian: Чимкент, romanized: Čimkent (Russian pronunciation: [ˈtɕɨmˈkʲɛnt])), is a city in Kazakhstan.

It is close to the border with Uzbekistan. It is one of three Kazakh cities which have the status equivalent to that of a region (the city of Republican significance). It is the third city in Kazakhstan behind Almaty and Nur-Sultan, having an estimated population of 1,002,291 as .

Because Shymkent has never been the capital of Kazakhstan, it's therefore the most populous of all the towns of Kazakhstan in terms. According to regional and city officials, Shymkent's millionth resident was created on 17.

It is a regional cultural centre. Shymkent is situated 690 kilometres (430 mi) west of Almaty and 1,483 kilometres (920 mi) south of Nur-Sultan. It is likewise 120 kilometres (75 mi) to the north of Toshkent, Uzbekistan.