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Tamale A tamal A tamale is a conventional Mesoamerican and South American dish (from Venezuela, in which it's known as hallaca) and Colombia to the North of Argentina), from modern-day Mexico, made of masa or dough (starchy, and also usually corn-based), which is steamed in a corn husk or banana foliage.

The wrapping can be discarded before eating or used as a plate. Tamales can be filled with vegetables, cheeses, fruits, meats, chilies or some other preparation based on taste, and both the filling and the cooking liquid may be experienced. Tamale is the anglicized version of the Spanish word anal (plural: tamales, from Nahuatl languages: tamalli).

In which the singular is tamal tamal comes from the word tamales through Spanish and the plural tamales. The word tamale is a back-formation of tamales, together with English speakers imagining the plural tamales and that the singular was tamale.

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