El Salvador Visa requirements for Austria citizens

Having to get a visa to El Salvador takes all the fun out of traveling.
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You don’t need a visa to travel to El Salvador

Are you ready for your trip? Check these destinations to visit in El Salvador

San Salvador

Population: 525,990


Population: 329,708

Santa Ana

Population: 176,661

San Miguel

Population: 161,880


Population: 160,317

Santa Tecla

Population: 124,694

Visa-free travel - What is it?

Ultimately, this means being able to enter El Salvador without needing to get a visa beforehand. For many passport holders, there are countries where you will need to apply for a visa, usually requiring you to send your passport to a local consulate and pay some kind of fee. This can be a timely and costly affair.

These are the countries where you can go visa-free:

Bolivia Avatar


Visa not required
Ukraine Avatar


Visa not required
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Avatar

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Visa not required

Countries where you can travel visa-free

Consequently, there are agreements in place between certain countries that are designed to allow citizens of those countries to travel without going to all of the time and effort of a visa application. This is not a universal process and each country will have its own list of visa-free destinations.

Where a visa-free travel agreement is in place, you will normally only need your passport to pass through immigration but there are some places that require proof of onward travel, in the form of a return ticket or funds to purchase one. Furthermore, some levy a local tax on arrival, that you must pay to get into the country. These are often small amounts but cannot be avoided.

How can I check where I can travel visa-free?

You need to look at which passport you hold and research the countries which allow for visa-free travel for anyone who holds one through our visa-checker page. Also, should you have any concerns or questions, you can speak to travel experts or local embassies to make sure you have understood everything prior to making travel arrangements.

It is important to remember that visa-free travel is relatively simple and requires minimal planning but still takes the time to do so, ensuring you have no nasty surprises when you arrive.