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Brief information about the Cúcuta

It's located in the southern division of the Colombian Andes, on the border with Venezuela.

Cúcuta includes a population of 711,715 individuals based on the 2018 census, which makes it the 6th largest city in the nation. Cúcuta is an important business center, hosting many billion dollar businesses. The global border in Cúcuta is said to be South America's most energetic.

It's split into 10 communes and it's the political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and tourism hub of the Norte de Santander department.

Cúcuta has experienced Villa del Rosario in the south, and a fantastic urban development, as a consequence cities have been formed around it, such as Los Patios in the east. They are a part of Cúcuta's Metropolitan Area that includes a population of about 850,000 people.

It's linked by roads throughout the country to cities such as Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Ocaña, Valledupar, Pamplona, Tunja and Cartagena de Indias and because of its place, to cities of Venezuela. Its airport, Camilo Daza International Airport, provides flights to several Colombian cities.

The city was the location of several of the most important events in Colombian history, such as the redaction of the first constitution by the Congress of Cúcuta that led to the foundation of the Republic of Colombia, also known as Gran Colombia, and the Battle of Cúcuta, where troops led by Simón Bolívar conquered the Spanish Royal Rorce, thereby equipping the city from Spanish rule and allowing Bolívar troops to continue their effort toward Venezuela.