Cameroon Visa requirements for Syria citizens

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You need a visa to travel to Cameroon

When a visa is required to enter a country, then this means you need to obtain a traditional visa and you have a variety of options available to you. Prior to starting your journey, you can send your passport and application to your destination countries embassy, or apply in person at the embassy. This is the more traditional choice as it ensures everything is ready prior to leaving. However, do bear in mind that it can take time to do and so you should factor that in.

Another option for people who are already travelling but wish to visit another country is to apply to the destination countries embassy, in the country you are in. You can find a list of embassy locations on our website or by speaking to a local government office. Wherever possible, try to resolve any visa issues prior to starting off on your travel, as you will have more options available to you.

Finally, you can use a visa application company to help manage the sometimes complicated and confusing process for you. They will explain the process, ask for the information and evidence needed and complete the application on your behalf. However, ensure you only use trusted providers, such as our experts, so that you don’t risk losing money or receiving the wrong documentation.

Here is a list of all of the countries of passport holders that will need a visa to enter.

Brunei Avatar


Visa required
United Kingdom Avatar

United Kingdom

Visa required
Kenya Avatar


Visa required