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Few Words About Azerbaijan

The original'East-meets-West' destination sashays between Arabian Nights exotica and cityscapes in Caucasia.

Sitting at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, this former Soviet Republic is bigger than Ireland, still boasts an astounding variety of natural wonders -- from snow-capped hills and bubbling mud volcanoes.

The northern hinterland is possibly the prettiest region thanks to the Caucasus Mountains, which rise into the misty heights of 4,466m (14,652ft ). These peaks are home to leopards, bears and wolves, and of course as they've done for thousands of year shepherds, who transfer their flocks up and down those mountains seeking new pastures.

Meanwhile, across downtown Baku's boulevards , residents that are nouveau riche blossom between pricey boutiques. Modern structure, luxury resorts and the exclusive stores -- spoils of their capital of Caspian Sea oil -- jar together with the UNESCO town, and of course that the communities out Baku. Visitors may feel everybody isn't being profited by the black golden bounty.

Azerbaijan has always been of importance though oil has changed the economy in the last few years. Nestling on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the caravans of the Silk Road once passed through the land, which, over time, has been integrated into the Russian, Persian and Turkish empires.

Today Azerbaijan is a state and, the disposition is secular though Islamic. Alcohol isn't easily available, but produced; some wines are being developed by local vineyards, and blossoms are cultivated here for millennia. Azeri cuisine is also currently enjoying a profusion of all eateries popping in downtown Baku.

Sounds like the upcoming big thing, then? While it is relatively silent go.

Facts about the Azerbaijan

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/Km²)

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Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan

July 18, 2024

Languages of Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijani (Azeri) (official) 92.5%
  • Russian 1.4%
  • Armenian 1.4%
  • other 4.7% (2009 est.)
Flag of Azerbaijan

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Population: 1,116,513


Population: 313,300


Population: 265,150


Population: 240,300


Population: 95,453


Population: 87,000