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Lean back and take it easy on Aruba, which combines the finest that sun, sea and sand need to offer you. Rate and aruba breezes are simply the tonic for any visitor.

Even though the park is populated by pink flamingos colourful critters such as parrotfish inhabit the surrounding waters splashed with stone and teal. Oranjestad, aruba's capital, also dazzles -- it is great for shopping. Orange facades array the arrangement, suggesting that the island ties the head of state of Aruba remains the Dutch ruling monarch.

Favoured by Americans eager to escape weather Aruba is one of the islands in the Caribbean. Sometimes the mob has it right. You'll also find a night scene, with glittering gourmet restaurants, restaurants and diners.

Many come on day-trips as part of a railroad, but it is really worth spending a bit more time in Aruba, soaking magnificent beaches its character and all coasts. In the interior you'll find rocky deserts, expanses stuffed with cactuses and also the mythical divi-divi shrub. It's a great idea to hire a car to make the most of it. Although a lot of tourists do not stray far from Oranjestad A driveway to the northern and eastern shores comes implied. Be Aware of the California Lighthouse and Seroe Colorado.

As for history, Aruba's first inhabitants are believed to be Amerindians from the Arawak tribe. Before being taken over by the Dutch in the 17th century the Spanish colonised that the island. Today's Arubans are for the most part an interesting mix together with the island boasting the Arawak heritage that is most effective in the region. There's also a population, as well as recent immigrants. This makes for a local scene that's different and equally welcoming.

Facts about the Aruba

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/KmĀ²)

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Oranjestad - the capital of Aruba

July 24, 2024

Languages of Aruba
  • Papiamento (a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect) 69.4%
  • Spanish 13.7%
  • English (widely spoken) 7.1%
  • Dutch (official) 6.1%
  • Chinese 1.5%
  • other 1.7%
  • unspecified 0.4% (2010 est.)
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Biggest Cities Aruba


Population: 40,627


Population: 29,998


Population: 29,442


Population: 14,649