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Few Words About Anguilla

Beyoncé. Paul McCartney. Denzel Washington.

There are different reasons. Suffice to sayit's not the place.

That said, some people do precisely that: Anguilla was made a reputation for a place by Average tax rates to squirrel off the bucks. However, the island's true wealth lie under the waves, where you will find stunning coral reef formations alongside a shocking diversity of marine life: by stingrays to birds, turtles to tropical fish, there is as much to look at on the seafloor because there is all about the shore.

In case it appears to be a playground for the wealthy that is as it's, but that is not to say choices do not exist. You will find a choice of resorts and vacation villas to suit budgets that are modest. A nighttime out needn't cost the Earth possibly cocktails elect for prices in Anguilla's shore bars.

Are in for an unexpected treat. The restaurant scene is exceptional and there is a surprising selection of cuisine, from fine cuisine to dishes. Do not leave without repainting.

For the culturally minded, Anguilla has several galleries showcasing local artwork, not to mention a museum. Wherever you are though, these beaches are just minutes away.

Facts about the Anguilla

Data based on the latest United Nations Population Division estimates.






Density (P/Km²)

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The Valley - the capital of Anguilla

July 24, 2024

Languages of Anguilla
  • English (official)
Flag of Anguilla

Biggest Cities Anguilla

The Valley, Anguilla

Population: 2,035

Stoney Ground

Population: 1,545

The Farrington

Population: 1,199

George Hill

Population: 1,135

Island Harbour

Population: 1,114