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Jalalabad Jalālābād , or Dzalalabad, (Urdu: جلال آباد‎) is a city in eastern Afghanistan. It is the capital of Nangarhar Province. Jalalabad is located at the junction of the Kabul River and the Kunar River. It is linked by an approximately 150-kilometre (95 mi) highway with Kabul to the west, and a 130-kilometre (80 mi) highway with the Pakistani city of Peshawar to the east.

Jalalabad has a population of 356,274 (2015 estimate), making it one of the five largest cities of Afghanistan.Jalalabad is a leading center of social and trade activity because of its proximity with the Torkham border crossing, 65 km (40 mi) away. Major industries include papermaking, as well as agricultural products including oranges, lemon, rice, and sugarcane due to its warm climate.

It has six districts and a total land area of 12,796 hectares (31,620 acres). The total number of dwellings in this city is 39,586.

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