United States of America visa requirements

Now that you’re on our page, you can begin to plan what visa requirements your destination country requires, by using our fantastic checker tool. Simply enter the details in the checker below to get started.

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There are four main visa requirements that you may come across and we have detailed them below, along with a list of passport holders who would need that type:

Visa-Free - This is the easiest and straight forward option, whereby your home country has an agreement with your destination country that means you can travel to and enter without applying for a visa.

Check which passports can go to United States of America visa-free

E-Visa - This is an electronic form of visa that you can apply for online, uploading information, evidence and payment, without the need for sending your documentation away or visiting an embassy.

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Visa - This is the traditional visa option, where you will need to make an application through your destination countries embassy, either by post or in person. Alternatively, you can use an expert visa company such as ourselves.

Check which passports need visa for entering United States of America

Visa on Arrival (VOA) - With a VOA, you will have to queue up at a special counter when you arrive in the country and pay for a visa before they allow you to enter. It is vital to research the requirements and cost before you travel so that you don’t risk being turned away.

Check which passports need visa on arrival for entering United States of America

Using a trusted provider for visa applications

When applying for a visa, you may wish to use an expert provider, such as ourselves who can manage the process for you. There are many advantages to this, including saving you the time and hassle of having to research what is required, which can be a complicated and confusing affair as multiple resources may well have slightly different guidance. Equally, should you need a full visa to enter a country, using a provider will mean you won’t have to visit an embassy in person and complete the long-winded applications.

However, it is absolutely vital that you use a trusted provider, such as our experts when arranging your visa documentation. You will be sharing your personal information and documentation with companies and it is important that they follow data protection and security rules. Added to this, you will be paying a fee for this service and you don’t wish to lose money by paying for an unscrupulous or fraudulent service. Professional service providers will have a clear pricing structure, reliable systems and will be more than happy to talk to you.

When doing your research, speak to the experts and ask about their processes, costs and timescales involved to make sure that it meets your travel requirements. Furthermore, look at reviews and testimonials from travellers going to your destination and see what their experiences were.

After doing all the due diligence and you still have concerns, then that means they aren’t the right provider for you and you should look elsewhere. We have done our best to provide clear advice and guidance on our website so that travellers can make their own decisions about using a visa application provider, but we are always here to help further if you need it